I have been busy preparing the WealthBridge Marketing System to support a brand new business model that will be revealed when I roll out the new website.  It’s hard to believe that it was only January of this year when the site was complete and system was ready for production.  Since then I’ve added a lot of great customers to the system and continue adding new ones all the time.  The skies of business opportunity have opened and for the first time in years things are looking really promising.

The biggest changes since my last post have to do with Pricing Models, Plugins and especially Themes.  The Pricing Models were broken down to 3 main categories:

  • Standard: The system comes preloaded with a plethora of standard plugins.  Many of them are premium and very, very good.  I actually surprised myself today when I saw everything I had included in this package!
  • Industry: This is split into multiple subcategories that contain the premium plugins necessary to build a website for a business within that industry.  The new system will have a focus on meeting each customer where they’re at and supplying them with the precise resources needed to be successful.
  • Premier: Premier clients get every plugin and the unbelievably powerful Ultimatum Theme and all the goodness that come with that.
About ten plugins that were no longer in use have been removed from the system.  The rest have been split into either the standard or premier group.  I’ve seen to it that the plugins available on this system make everything possible.

Premium ThemesThe biggest change that I’ve been working on has been to the Themes.  When I first built this system I preloaded it with over 160 themes and since January that number has ballooned to almost 200!  As part of my new business model I will be offering only responsive themes, so I had to do a bit of pruning.  I went through each theme and checked it’s quality, appeal, feature set and website responsiveness.  It was a mass slaying and in the end, only 35 remained.  Those 35 comprise some of the most beautiful, powerful and inspiring themes available anywhere.

The fact of the matter is that none of the themes I removed were in use and the majority of them were just plain ugly.  Some of the ill-fated themes were quite beautiful and promising when I added them; however, they’ve proven themselves to be inflexible, frustrating and not nearly powerful enough to exist in this collection.

The Premium Themes page of the website has been nearly completely rewritten.  The premium themes that are no longer available were removed from the page and new sections were created to highlight the standard themes and custom themes.  A new webpage was created for each of the premium themes with a large graphic of the theme, details about it and a button that launches a demo of the theme.

I believe that’s about it for the updates.  Before I go I would like to share with you a project that I’m working on right now.  The website is built from scratch using Ultimatum and uses the Membership plugin to create a members only section of the website.  The theme is about 90% and the only major change I’ve left is to replace the simple slider that’s on their now with a premium slider plugin that supports layered text.  I’m working with somebody who’ll be adding the content to the site and I’m building a series of tools for the members area.  Click here to see the site.

I show you this site because I want you to see for yourself how powerful the WealthBridge Marketing System really is.  I started with a blank slate and with only about 16 hours of work I have a great looking custom theme, with a slide show, a members only area that includes the registration, login, account management and  charges customer a recurring fee every month using PayPal.

So that’s my update.  I’m getting excited about the new site and look forward to bringing that to you very soon.

Dream Big!

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