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Auto Message

The Auto Message plugin allows you to schedule customized welcome emails to ensure that each of your new users will receive first-class service from day one. Let Auto Message work to keep all of your new users engaged and supported by sending custom emails at predetermined times based on when they register. How it works: Plug in Auto Message, and managing all of your new user follow-up is simplified! You will find it to be an intuitive, powerful, automated messaging tool that integrates seamlessly into your back office dashboard. The image below is an example of how utilizes Auto Message to schedule follow-up
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Auto Blog

The Auto Blog plugin is the standard in automated posting from RSS feeds. Tried, tested and proven over years of development, this easy-to-use plugin can be set-up in minutes. Check it out: It just plain works. No coding required, no complicated instructions, no worries! Just copy and paste in your feed URL, give it a name of your choosing (for admin purposes) and select a blog that you want it to post to. It’s that simple to set up! With loads of options and add-ons for customization, you have all the power and flexibility you need. Features and Options for Auto Blog include:
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