Today the WealthBridge Marketing website and back-office got some long overdue updates.  The website had become a bit of a mess as a result of a brand new website that I’m in the process of creating.  Some of the code for the new site overwrote some of the code on the existing site and left it looking a bit disheveled.  That new site will be ready soon enough and until then the existing one has to stay in tip-top shape.

So today I took some time to straighten things up a bit and here’s a breakdown of what went down:

Website Updates:

  1. Restored the sites stylesheet that had been deleted by the new theme.  Thank goodness for revisioning!!
  2. Replaced parts of the theme to both clean it up and deliver a clear message about our company our services.
  3. Removed missing images from the blog posts.
  4. Updated the Contact page and brought the online chat feature back to life.
  5. Removed several plugins that were no longer necessary.
  6. Added a cool little marketing quote rotator to the themes footer.

Backoffice Updates:

  1. Updated the page caching system to work more efficiently.
  2. Update the security system to have the latest security enhancements.
  3. Fixed the broken menu with the W icon in the top right of the admin bar.
  4. Updated JetPack so that it no longer requires new sites to authenticate.
  5. Updated the emergency support system.
  6. Installed another new premium plugin: Custom Sidebar Pro
    Allows you to create widgetized areas and custom sidebars. Replace whole sidebars or single widgets for specific posts and pages.
  7. Updated the branding is several key areas.
  8. Removed some unnecessary items for the left navigation menu that were causing confusion.

Within the next couple of months I expect to finish up the new website.  I’m so excited to get that released that I can hardly contain it!  It’s on it’s way to becoming an absolutely stunning showcase of the unlimited possibilities available with the WealthBridge Marketing System.

Dream Big!

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