About WealthBridge MarketingWealthBridge Marketing is a leader in business marketing with over 10 years of experience.  In today’s world it’s harder than ever for businesses to get noticed.  Nearly every company has a website with some level of search engine optimization; however, this is where most companies stop.  The truth is that successful business marketing requires a strong online presence that includes keyword research, professionally written content, dynamic blog content, local optimization, social marketing, customer engagement, customer acquisition, press releases, video production and more.  In addition, it’s crucial to supplement your online efforts with a strong offline marketing campaign using outlets such as billboards, radio, magazines, mailers and TV advertising.

We offer two distinct approaches to business marketing, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and Full Service.

Full Service Marketing

We can develop and implement a complete online/offline marketing plan for your business or work with you to supplement various aspects of your existing marketing plan.  Please visit our Marketing Services page to find out more.

Do-It-Yourself Marketing

Our DIY service is what really sets us apart in the marketing industry because we give you all the tools and training necessary to successfully market your business and go from good to great!  New business, or those that are struggling to make the ends meet, often don’t have the financial resources for full service marketing.  The DIY approach certainly isn’t the easy way and it requires hard word and dedication to learn everything that you need to know.  However, this level of dedication is what sets the successful businesses apart from those that fail.  The education that you receive by going this route will be the best thing you ever did for yourself when your business is ready to switch to full service marketing because you will fully understand what your account manager is talking about and have the ability to play a lead role in your continued success.

The DIY approach has two aspects that combine to give you unlimited marketing power.  The WealthBridge Marketing System to get your new website online, with all of the features you’ll need to be relevant in today’s market, and the WealthBridge Marketing Academy to teach you everything you need to know to be a top-level business marketer.

WealthBridge Marketing System

The WealthBridge Marketing System is built on WordPress.  Surprised?  We get that a lot…  Over the years WordPress has transitioned from a blogging platform to a complete Content Management System that’s running about 20% of the web.  One of it’s best features is that it’s very easy to use.  Our’s is not a typical WordPress installation.  Our technical team spent months setting up our WordPress Network in order to make it extremely fast and secure.  In addition, we license hundreds of Premium Plugins and Premium Themes making it easy to setup any type of site on our network very quickly.  We offer video tutorials for learning WordPress and text/video based training for most of our Premium Plugins.  Learn More

WealthBridge Marketing Academy

The WealthBridge Marketing Academy online learning system has everything you need to become a world-class marketer.  We offer classes covering a wide range of topics including online marketing, offline marketing, business plans and more.  Whether you’re new to the world of business marketing or consider yourself a seasoned professional, we have classes that will help you take your skills to the next level.  The Academy is Free to WealthBridge Marketing System members at the level of SmallBiz or above.  Starter level members are eligible to receive a 50% discount.  Learn More

Our Data Center

liquidweb-blk-smWe are dedicated to quality and demand excellence when it comes to the data center we choose and the hardware that supports the WealthBridge Marketing System.  The Liquid Web network has been designed to accommodate clients demanding the highest quality network performance. There is a central focus on redundancy allowing the network to rapidly self-heal failures without interruptions to connectivity.