Advanced Theme SwitcherAdvanced Theme Switcher essentially allows you to switch between different themes.

It also provides you with the opportunity to profile different theme designs quickly and easily through the front-end.

The plugin comes complete with a handy widget that allows you to offer either a list or drop-down choice of themes. And, once activated, it’ll look much the same as this (depending, of course, on your original theme) :

Advanced Theme Switcher - Options

Easily switch themes with a simple widget.

You can also have a theme switcher right in your admin toolbar too!

Advanced Theme Switcher - Toolbar

Activate the theme switcher right from your admin toolbar!

One of the coolest things about this plugin (for us at least) is that it allows previews of different theme designs via nice URLs like this:

How cool is that… a must have for anyone wanting to offer their users maximum flexibility of personalization, or demonstrate to clients different layout options on their site.

Works seamlessly with our selection of WPMU Premium Themes.

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