Boost your business with the only effective Affiliate Marketing plugin on the web.

Integrated or Stand-Alone

The Affiliate Marketing plugin integrates perfectly with our Marketpress and Membership plugins, and so allows you to offer your visitors and users the chance to share in the profit from promoting your site.

The plugin allows any user registered at your site to simply become and affiliate by filling in their PayPal email.

They are then given a link, for example, which they can then use to promote the site.

Affiliate Plugin

Yep, that’s right, we use the very same plugin here at WealthBridge Marketing… that’s how good it is 🙂

All of the unique clicks they attract, standard sign-ups and paid sign-ups are then tracked by the plugin and displayed – oh so nicely – to the user and yourself.

Paid Sign Ups

And what do we mean by a paid sign up? Well, as mentioned, it integrates 100% with Membership so that when a free user decides to become a supporter… that’s where the money is earned!

Here it is in action:
Affiliate Report

And there’s a dashboard widget too:

Affiliate Dashboard

Not to mention the ability to simply (again, no code required) give your affiliates their own banners:

Affiliate Banners
Affiliate Banners


As well as other features that allow users to use regular old links… which you can then track via referral marking so no one ever knows they are an affiliate… sneaky huh!

Affiliate Hide Link

Affiliate Marketing as an Ad Management System

This plugin also functions as an ad management system to help you track the effectiveness of your advertising with all of the same reports as you receive for affiliates. You can use it for one or the other or both ads and affiliates in combination, without having to make any hacks to it.
In the case of an affiliate, you’re looking to see X number of referrals and Y number of paid signups.

When using it as an ad management system, you can easily track the same information for the ads you’re placing. Simply enter a fake PayPal email address that identifies the type and location of you’re placing, and then you’re set to go.

You can even offer a login for these ads so that the person hosting them can check to see how well they’re doing.

Benefits of Creating an Affiliate Program

  • Exponentially increase your circle without hiring a single salesman
  • Keep the bulk of your profits and share only with your affiliates, instead of paying percentages to large marketing companies
  • Take the ceiling off your earnings and continue promoting your products and services while you sleep!
  • Manage your ads and affiliates all in one place.
All in all, the ultimate affiliate marketing plugin.
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