The Auto Blog plugin is the standard in automated posting from RSS feeds. Tried, tested and proven over years of development, this easy-to-use plugin can be set-up in minutes. Check it out:

It just plain works. No coding required, no complicated instructions, no worries! Just copy and paste in your feed URL, give it a name of your choosing (for admin purposes) and select a blog that you want it to post to. It’s that simple to set up!

Auto Blog News Feed

With loads of options and add-ons for customization, you have all the power and flexibility you need.

Features and Options for Auto Blog include:

  • Choose if you want new posts to be published straight away, pending review or as drafts
  • Select any author from your marketing site
  • Assign posts to categories and / or apply tags to them and / or import post tags with the post
  • Filter posts that are included or excluded based on keywords or phrases
  • Use excerpts (number of words configurable) or whole posts and choose what link (if any) you want to give to the original source
  • Import featured images
  • Open links in new window
  • Select how often you want Auto Blog to check for posts
  • Feed validator for validating feeds
  • Append text to post — customize by feed
Check out all the options in glorious below:

Auto Blog Complete

There is also a very nice function that will allow you to automatically append text (or other content) to the end of post on a feed-by-feed basis.

Auto Blog Append Text

We’ve also added a function that lets you check to see if your feeds are valid.

Auto Blog Validate Feed

But that’s really just the beginning. You can get extra functionality with one of our add-ons.

Auto Blog Addons

And we should point out that while there’s potential for misuse of this as a spam or splog tool, where people could automatically republish content without the author’s permission, there’s a huge amount of legitimate uses that this plugin can and will be put to.

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