The Auto Message plugin allows you to schedule customized welcome emails to ensure that each of your new users will receive first-class service from day one.

Let Auto Message work to keep all of your new users engaged and supported by sending custom emails at predetermined times based on when they register.

How it works:

Plug in Auto Message, and managing all of your new user follow-up is simplified! You will find it to be an intuitive, powerful, automated messaging tool that integrates seamlessly into your back office dashboard.

The image below is an example of how utilizes Auto Message to schedule follow-up emails.

Auto Message

Creating an Action:

Each email you want to send is scheduled by creating an action. Actions send follow-up messages at designated times to new users based on when their username or blog was created. You can create an action by following a few simple steps.

1. Click the Auto Message tab at the bottom of the action menu from your dashboard.

Auto Message Menu

2. Select the level of message you would like to create, and then click “add new” to generate a new add action form.

3. Select the action that triggers the message to be sent. (The default installation only has one action for each level.)

Auto Message Action

4. Select the time delay after the username or blog is created in which you want the email to be sent.

Auto Message Delay

5. Insert a message subject. (This content will appear in the email subject line.)

Auto Message Subject

6. Add your desired message. (This content will appear in the body of your email.)

Auto Message Body

7. Click “add action” — and your message will be scheduled for delivery.


  • If you hover your mouse over the title of an Action it brings up the menu for that action and you can edit the message

Auto Message Context Menu

You can set each message to:

  • Go out x days after an event, e.g. x days after a new blog is created.
  • Differentiate between actions like creating a new blog and creating a new user.
What’s more, you can even personalize each email using the following dynamic info: %blogname% %blogurl% %username% %usernicename% %sitename% %siteurl% %systemname% %systemurl%
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