Welcome to “Chat” — the ultimate website chat plugin! Getting live chat on your site has never been so easy. This plugin lets you set up public chat sessions, one-on-one chat session, chat sessions between users on your site, BuddyPress Group chats, BuddyPress Friend chats, and more.

Take a look at the video intro below, and then read on for more details.

Features Overview

Here’s a quick overview of some of the highlights for this plugin
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A Look at “Chat” in Action

Just drop in this plugin, activate it and you can easily run as many live chats as you want, on any page or post on your marketing site.

There are essentially four different types of chat you can enable:

  • Corner Chat
  • In-Page / In-Post Chat
  • Chat Widget
  • BuddyPress Group Chat (customizable for each group)
Here’s a look at a in-corner chat:

Chat Sample

Including gravatars, emoticons, logs and a raft of customization options – this plugin will cover all your needs.

Users and visitors can login with their WordPress or BuddyPress usernames as public users, and then can also login with Twitter, Google+, or Facebook!

Integrate it with BuddyPress:

Chat Private BuddyPress

Use it for BuddyPress Groups:
Chat BuddyPress Group Settings
Chat BuddyPress Group Chat
Users can choose their status:
Chat Online Status
Users can initiate in-corner chats with online friends:
(needs BuddyPress or the Friends plugin)
Chat Private Chat


And, as we mentioned, before there are almost unlimited options, you can:

  • Enable or disable bottom corner chat
  • Turn chat sounds on or off
  • Enable or disable avatars
  • Enable or disable emoticons
  • Choose to show date or time of posts
  • Set the dimensions of chat windows
  • Select every color of the chat background to match your site
  • Select different fonts and font sizes to match your site
  • Choose to create and display chat logs – great for SEO!
  • Turn on and off login by public users, current WordPress users, Facebook and Twitter
  • See bottom of this post for the different options windows

Let’s take a look at some of those settings.

Configure the chat box to appear as you like:
Chat Box Appearance
Even control the look of the message itself:
Chat Settings Site Messages
Position it where you like:
Chat Settings Site Position
Set up chat so that users can log in with Google+, Facebook, and Twitter
Chat Settings Common Social Logins
Configure how and were users should appear in the message box:
Chat User Special
Block users by blocking IP addresses:
Chat Settings Site Users List
Limit number of messages shown, hide messages from appearing on certain URLs, and more:
Chat Settings Site Advanced
Decide if you want a WYSIWYG button to appear on your editor
Choose which types of pages it should appear on (for posts, pages, products, etc), and for whom (admins, editors, authors, etc.):
Chat Settings Page WYSIWYG Settings

Here’s a look at the button on the editor:

Chat Settings Page WYSIWYG Button
Clicking it gives you another opportunity to customize it as you like:
Chat Settings Page WYSIWYG Modal

Set up chat in a widget if you like:

Chat Widget

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