The Classified Advertising plugin makes it very easy to add Classifieds to your WealthBridge Marketing site. You can create your entire site around the classifieds functionality or simply add it to its own page.

Users can create and manage their own ads, upload images, receive emails about their classified postings, purchase credits and much more! You can also enable the credit system and charge your users for placing ads on your site.

Classifieds Large

Because the plugin is BuddyPress compatible, you can create a whole network of localized classified ad sites, similar to Craigslist!  If you want to charge users for posting ads, it’s very easy to do with the plugin’s full PayPal integration. Users can purchase credits for posting ads – you set the prices and make money for each ad posted on your site!

Classified Ads Page

Classified Advertising Features:

  • The BuddyPress users get a special page in their profiles for viewing and posting Classifieds
  • Upload images with ads and resize with easy-to-use cropping tool
  • Set time limit for ads to expire in terms of weeks
  • Flexible PayPal credit system with multiple currency options
  • Easily test crediting system with PayPal sandbox mode before launch
  • Set signup credits for all users or send an individual user a set amount of credits
  • Send credits as gifts
  • Works especially nice with our Recent Custom Post Type Widget

BuddyPress Integration:

The Classified Advertising plugin becomes a natural part of the BuddyPress menu system. Each user will be able to keep track of their own credits, manage and create ads through the BuddyPress menu:

Classified Ads Menu

Set up your Classified Advertising site and start making money with each ad placed on your site! Once you create the categories and set the prices, the ad system manages itself, since users can purchase credits on their own as well as place ads – all with no work on your end!

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