CommunitiesWe know you love BuddyPress, it’s a great tool, but for some of us it’s just a bit overwhelming!

We don’t want our sites turned into massive social networks, we want networks and platforms WITH social features — not dominated by them. With our Communities plugin, you can quickly bring social features to your WealthBridge Marketing site within mere minutes without using BuddyPress.

Packed full of features such as:

  • Allows your users to create their own communities
  • Users interact with each other from within their site admin dashboard
  • Users can create and reply to topics using Message boards
  • Simple, easy to use internal wiki
  • Community owners and moderators can send news to community members
  • Easily send messages to other community members
  • Simple tools for community management
  • Ability to make communities public or private

Check it out!

Once activated a new Communities menu is added inside the site admin dashboard.

Communities Menu

Anyone can create a community via the ‘Communities’ menu, then they can contribute to that communities message board, wiki or newsareas or visit that communities dashboard.

Communities Create

Or join an existing community!

Find Communities

Each community has its own powerful message board which can contain multiple topics and threads, posts can be made stickies or edited or removed by moderators.

Users can be messaged or their blog viewed and naturally all the latest information appears on the groups dashboard.

Communities Dashboard

And as if that wasn’t enough, every community also gets its own wiki!

That is, a collaborative area where all members of the community can add new pages, edit existing ones and even revert changes if required… just like your own private Wikipedia!

Once a wiki page has been created it can easily be managed:

Communities Wiki Management

Oh!  Did we mention community owners and moderators can send news to all community members?

Communities News

Neato! Heh?

Want more?

This plugin is designed to be used with other social plugins such as:

  1. Messaging plugin – this provides the ability to easily send, receive and read your friend’s emails from inside your blog dashboard.
  2. Friends plugin – Lets your users ‘friend’ each other, display funky widgets with avatar mosaics of all their friends on the site
  3. Avatars plugin – provides your friend’s avatars (pre-installed with every site)

We hope you enjoy the Communities plugin!

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