Contact WidgetA contact form is critical to your site’s success. Your website visitors must have a way to contact you.

More than that, as a network admin your users need their own contact form for their sites – and they know it!

Maybe, you even need multiple contact forms for different purposes.  Now we’ve got a way for you to take care of both issues with a brilliant drag-and-drop widget!

Contact Form Widget

Now, how’d we get all that?

Easy, our Contact Widget does it all! It provides a simple, clean contact form for you to use in any widget area of your site. No HTML!  No coding required!

Though simple and clean, this form provides a powerful range of configurable options including:

  • Widget title – You can individually label your contact forms for different purposes
  • Subject label, From label, Message label – all customizable to your needs
  • Admin email – Choose which email address you’d like this message sent to
  • Success message – Complete customization isn’t just a catchy phrase.  We mean it!  Here you can inform your visitors that their message has been sent in your own unique way!
  • Text after the form
  • Custom CSS – ya know, in case you’re wanting total control over every aspect
  • Enable captcha: on / off – if spammers are an issue, this should be a help
To accomplish all of that, it’s gotta be pretty complicated, right?  Well, check it out for yourself!  Here’s a screenshot of the widget itself with all the options:

Contact Form Widget Config

Enjoy – you now have the simplest, yet most powerful, contact facility available for your site.

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