The Directory plugin turns your WealthBridge Marketing site into a fully-featured listings directory (ratings, reviews, payments and more…) that’ll work while you sleep.

Simple to install and easy to configure, all you need to do is decide what you want to create listings of, how much you want to charge (subscriptions included!) and which theme you want to use the plugin with – it comes with a nice simple default theme too.

Set up multiple directories – for singing teachers, life drawing classes, therapists, childcare centers or pretty much anything you can think of. Or go the whole hog and start your own Yellow Pages!

The plugin even seamlessly integrates with our Affiliates plugin so that you can have affiliates promote your directory by giving them a share of your profits!

Theme Optional

Directory comes with a clear and simple theme which allows you to quickly and easily get an entire directory website running in a matter of minutes. The theme comes with a variety of color styles to choose from and any detail can be easily customized further through the use of a child theme.

But what if you already have a gorgeous site and you simply want to add a directory component? Directory has you covered here as well. Through the use of shortcodes you can easily embed Directory components anywhere in your site. Elements such as:

  • List of all Directory categories – can also output as a grid!
  • “View Listings” Button
  • “Add Listings” Button
  • Profile Button
  • Sign in Button
  • Signup Button
  • Logout Button

What the Directory Plugin Can Do For You

As with most of our plugins, the things you could do with the Directory Plugin is limited only by what you can come up with. The plugin is designed with an average user in mind. Its simple to configure and you can get it up and running within under 30 minutes.

  • Create a fully featured Online Directory.
  • Accept Payments for Listings in the Directory.
  • Bill your customers every Day/Month/Year on a recurring cycle, or give them a one time up-front payment option. All handled automatically!
  • Create Custom Categories and Tags, all for your Directory.
  • Use simple short codes to integrate with your existing Theme.
  • User reviews and ratings for listings included within the plugin, no extra plugin needed!
  • Integrate with our Affiliates Plugin and pay your affiliates for referring customers. All handled by the plugin.
  • Add any number of custom fields into your plugin taking advantage of our CustomPress plugin upon which directory is built.
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