The e-Newsletter plugin provides you with complete email newsletter and subscription features, right in your WealthBridge Marketing back office.

It’s packed with beautiful customizable templates, powerful reporting functionality and serious user management options.

Getting this plugin setup couldn’t be easier either, just..

  1. Configure your settings (double opt-in or not etc.)
  2. Add or import as many emails as you like
  3. Select a beautiful HTML template, customize it to your will
  4. Write a newsletter… it’s as easy as writing a post
  5. Hit send and watch the stats!

e-Newsletter Features:

Let’s look at a quick rundown of some of the features.

  • Built right into the dashboard
  • Customize by adjusting theme options
  • Use built-in templates or create your own look
  • Add a message including images
  • Clone newsletters
  • Create unlimited groups
  • Simple Subscription Management
  • Built-in Widget
  • Email List Importer
  • Analytics Tracker
  • Special folder for new user templates
  • Preview your results, save and test
  • Display emails in a browser
  • Send emails at specified times
  • Resend newsletter only to bounced members
  • Export members
  • Search and filter members by: bounced, unsubscribed, ungrouped
  • Integration with our Membership plugin
  • Send newsletter to users on selected “Membership” levels
  • Send to admins of every site in network
  • Sort newsletters by date, subject, or template
  • Send “Welcome” emails
  • Brand newsletters with HTML box

The e-newsletter plugin includes everything you need from start to finish to create successful email campaigns and track their results all from your WealthBridge Marketing dashboard. There’s no extra logins, no monthly fees and you can have confidence that this plugin will continue to work smoothly with every update.

Building a Newsletter

Let’s take a quick look at what the easy-to-use newsletter builder you’ll be working with.

e-Newsletter Builder

Fully customizable templates with the WYSIWYG builder.

And here’s a look at a few templates to whet your appetite.

e-Newsletter Templates

Even use one of the included templates to create your own.

e-Newsletter Dark Simplicity Template

e-Newsletter Minimise Template


Setting up a new campaign is a snap!  You simply create a new group, allow for signups on your site and manually add any members or new accounts as necessary, and create your newsletter!

A few of the settings pages will give you an idea of how intuitive it is.

e-Newsletter General Settings

General Settings – your default settings.

e-Newsletter Outgoing

Outgoing Email Settings – how your newsletters are sent.

e-Newsletter Bounce

Bounce Settings – how to handle the emails that get bounced back.

e-Newsletter Permissions

e-Newsletter Groups

e-Newsletter Members

e-Newsletter Content

e-Newsletter Send

With advanced options to help with server load and a dashboard that shows you all the stats on a single screen you can be sure your newsletter are getting to your members and get important details such as whether the newsletter was opened or ‘bounced’ back.

e-Newsletter Newsletters

e-Newsletter Dashboard

It also comes with an easy-to-setup widget.

e-Newsletter Subscribe Widget

And here’s a look at the widget on the front end.

e-Newsletter Subscribe Widget Front

Other features of the e-newsletter plugin include:

  • Step-by-step email wizard
  • Professional email templates
  • Easy editing with advanced features such as inserting and resizing images, full text editing and more
  • Promote your brand by adding links and images to your social network profiles
  • Registration and subscription management widget
  • Manage your member lists by interest or anything ya like to better target your messages
  • Manage bounce and unsubscribe information so your emails get to the right folks

Grab up the e-Newsletter plugin today!

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