Password ProtectPassword Protect allows you to easily hide content in any post or page behind a safe and secure password, no complex membership system required.

Just select the content you’d like to hide (it can be a video, audio track, paragraph, answer or anything else at all), click on the lock button and select a password that must be entered.

Once activated  you’ll see a nice new ‘Password Protect’ icon added to your Visual editor that you can use to password protect selected content.

Password Protect Button

That little lock is all you need

Now simply select the content you want to protect and enter the password you’d like to use (you can easily change this at a later date).

Password Protect Usage

Fun game… guess the password

Now the video, in this case, will display like so:

Password Protect Video

Time to enter your password

And hey presto…

Password Protect Video Result

After the password has been entered

You can protect any media, shortcodes inserted by other plugins or any other digital item you’d like – if it can be inserted into a post or page, it can be protected.

Plus multiple separate pieces of content can be protected in a single post or page.

An excellent tool for:

  • Teachers wanting to keep work private from everyone who isn’t in their class (or student group)
  • Bloggers wanting to limit access to content to only people they know
  • Providing special giveaways, but only to people who you give, or who can guess the password
  • Or anyone looking to secure a piece of content, rather than a whole page
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