Pay Per View gives you a quick, easy and effective way to sell any digital content. Take micro-payments or create subscriptions using PayPal or credit cards.

Be it tutorials, databases, videos, ebooks or more – this plugin allows you do that extremely easily in any site using any theme.

Just link your PayPal account, and you’re ready!

See the plugin in action:

Pay Per View makes it easy to…

  • Protect content in posts and pages. Just use the WYSIWYG editor to easily protect content and ask for payment.
  • Customize every aspect to your linking. Allow pretty much every conceivable parameter to be set.
  • Easily take payments, even subscriptions. Make it extremely easy for folk to cough up cash in single payments or as subscriptions.
  • Let users create accounts with Twitter, Facebook and Google +. No need for visitors to create an account with you… makes payment super easy.
  • Elegantly take Credit Card payments with PayPal Express. You’ll be up and running taking payments by PayPal or credit cards in no time!.
  • Get going with any theme at all. Looks great on any theme.
  • Set this all up on any BuddyPress install. So you can start your own paid content network with ease!
  • And plenty, plenty more. Checkout the video, usage instructions or screenshots.
The Pay Per View plugin provides you the quickest and easiest way tomonetize your content through subscriptions, micro-payments or donations.

And it’s completely under your control, with you taking all the income.

Check out how easy it is to add a Pay Per View element to any post or page, with our complete WYSIWYG element.

Pay Per View Screenshot

The default display is, of course, entirely customizable but also looks great out of the box!

And that’s just getting started, you could run an entire small to medium business using this plugin without ever having to go near a full shopping cart or membership solution.

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