Schedule Selected ContentThe Schedule Selected Content plugin allows you to schedule any content, in any post, to show at a time you set in the future.

And it’s brilliantly easy to use too,

Choose to make certain post or page content available only at scheduled periods including:

  • Onetime – Choose a date in the future to start showing the content
  • Weekly – Show your content only on certain days of the week at a given time
  • Monthly – Schedule your content to display on the same day each month
There’s even an awesome countdown timer that reloads the page at the beginning and end of the scheduled period to help enforce the protection.

Simply install and activate using WealthBridge Marketing dashboard and you’ll see a nice new ’Schedule’ icon added to your Visual editor that you can use to schedule selected content.

Schedule Selected Content Add

Simply select what sections of your content you want to schedule, when it’s to be released and how long to do want the content to be available for.

Schedule Selected Content Setup

Enter anything like to display prior to the content being released

And that’s all you need to do.

You can easily use it for videos, audio, competitions or any other kind of media you like.

Now your users, readers or students be able to see what you want to display, while only viewing the scheduled selected content when you want them to see it.

Schedule Selected Content Example

Easy, effective and pretty darn powerful too, and of course coming with 24/7/365 support, 350+ other premium plugins and themes and the opportunity to request (and receive!) new features as you request them.

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