The Social Marketing plugin allows you to create a ton of interest around your product or service by harnessing the real power of social networking.

Using Social Marketing on your site:

  • Visitors are enticed by a coupon, discount code, download or other incentive
  • Simply liking on facebook, retweeting, mentioning on google+ or linked in unlocks the incentive
  • Add your marketing into any post/page easily through a simple button in the editor
That’s the ‘big secret’ you could pay super-duper SEO gurus or marketing specialists to help you promote your online business or startup.

You can see this in action from to Wal*Mart. The big guysknow the value of enticing folks through a special offer. They spend the time and effort on this practice because, at the end of the day, it’s totally worth it.

And while you could put forward your own hard-earned cash, you could also just grab this plugin, create it yourself in minutes, sit back and watch social networking do its thing!

Our plugin makes things simple to set up and the included wizardguides provides a step-by-step guide to completion.

Other features include:

  • Guided 3-step tutorial
  • Uses custom post types – no extra tables in database!
  • 4 unique pre-configured styling options
  • Enable or disable any of the sharing services on individual ads
  • Ability to disable styling and use your own


Combine Social Marketing with our Scheduled Content plugin to create a limited-time offer!

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