The Subscribe by Email plugin is a fully supported powerful email subscription tool that offers you both control and convenience. Send fresh, clean-looking HTML emails that you can personalize with your design and your information.

If you want to offer email updates of new posts on your site, or you want to provide that facility to dozens, hundreds or thousands of users on your Multisite install – this is the plugin for you.

What It Offers

Let’s look at an overview of what it offers:

  • Customize text identifying sender
  • Customize sent-from email address
  • Customize subject line
  • Customize  number of emails to send per hour
  • Send emails immediately when a new post is published
  • Send emails as a weekly digest of all posts from that week
  • Send emails as a daily digest from the previous 24 hours
  • Send emails based on categories
  • Style email header with logo and color options
  • Include subheader text if desired
  • Include featured images from posts
  • Customize footer text
  • Include unsubscribe link at bottom
  • Get a live preview of emails before sending
  • Automatically revert to default design if needed
  • See log of emails sent
  • Easily manage subscribers
  • Use double-optins
  • Easily resend confirmation emails
  • Easily cancel subscriptions
  • Use widget-ready subscription form
  • Subscriber counter in widget
  • Manually add subscribers
  • Bulk add subscribers via a CSV file

Take a Look Inside

Now let’s take a peek inside of how it works and what you’re actually getting.

First up, let’s look at a completed sample email.

Subscribe by Email Actual Mailing

Styling the Emails to Your Preference

You can style your emails with 1. a logo, 2. featured images from your posts, 3. header color and header text color, 4. header text, and 5. footer text.

Subscribe by Email Settings Style

You can also customize 1. the text identifying the sender, 2. the sent-from email address, 3. the subject line, 4. how often emails are sent (immediately, daily, weekly), and even 5. the number of emails to send per hour.

Subscribe by Email Settings

Email Log

See a log of your messages sent.


Allow users to sign up themselves via an easy to use widget.

Subscribe by Email Widget

Or add subscribers yourself via the backend — either individually …

Subscribe by Email Subscriptions

Or bulk add subscribers via a CSV file.

Subscribe by Email Import

Once subscribers are in your system, easily manage them in a sortable table.

Subscribe by Email Sort

You can also easily cancel subscriptions or resend confirmations.

Subscribe by Email Cancel

 Simple, but Powerful

Subscribe by Email is a simple, powerful, fully supported and will work with a single site or thousands upon thousands of them.

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