The YouTube Featured Video plugin is a simple, flexible plugin that lets you select videos from a YouTube channel and then feature them in your sidebar, increasing the exposure of your video content and giving your visitors a more engaging multimedia experience.

Keep Valuable Video Content Active

YouTube Featured Video Screenshot

Seeing valuable content you create slip into oblivion after its initial publication is not only frustrating, it’s a bad use of resources. You took the time, energy, and/or money in order to create it. And now no one is seeing it. That’s waste.

Therefore, the more you can get it in front of your visitors, the more it pays off.

This is often even more true for videos, which can often take more time, energy, and/or money to create than text, for example.

Easily Highlight Video Content

The YouTube Featured Video plugin is here to help you change that. It’s perfect for anyone with their own videos to highlight. Or it can work equally as well to highlight another’s video, broadening your content and increasing your multimedia offerings.

The YouTube Featured Video plugin lets you easily …

  • Control the setting from simple options on the widget itself
  • Title the widget whatever you’d like
  • Select which videos to show from the YouTube channel of your choice
  • Choose how you would like the videos to be selected for display: all videos, a random video, or a related video based on tags and the video description
  • Show the video in an overlay popup, or play it right there on the sidebar
  • Choose to show the video’s title or not
  • Choose to show a link back to the channel on YouTube (and define your own text for the link)
In addition, of course you can use the widget over and over as many times as you like, giving you the option of selecting videos from multiple channels.

Simple to Use

The YouTube Featured Video plugin is simple to use. Just fill out the boxes on the widget, select your options, and it’s done. Here’s a quick look.

YouTube Featured Video Widget

Your video(s) will then show up in your sidebar.

YouTube Featured Video Sidebar

And they will be ready to play either right there in your sidebar or in an overlay popup.

YouTube Featured Video Overlay

Instead of letting your valuable videos go to waste, the YouTube Featured Video plugin lets you easily show off them off, spicing up your sidebar with multimedia options at the same time. Both simple and flexible, this plugin is a no-brainer for anyone looking to gain more engagement from their visitors.

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