One of the most important aspects to your online marketing plan is having a great website or, in some cases, multiple websites each with their own marketing goals.  The WealthBridge Marketing system is based on WordPress, which is an easy to use content management system used by millions of websites around the world.  What sets our installation apart is that we have licensed hundreds of premium plugins and themes that transform WordPress into an online marketing work horse.  Our plugins allow you to completely automate many of  the online marketing processes including the automatic creation of blog content and notification of all your social networks.  We also provide you with the ability to create virtually any type of wealth generating site you can imagine.

Sales pages, Directories, eCommerce, Paid Memberships and so much more are possible and all can be managed from within one unified system – the WealthBridge Marketing System.

You could license all these plugins and themes on your own and pay thousands of dollars each year for the privilege of installing, maintaining and securing all of this yourself.  WealthBridge Marketing does it all for you, for one low price that covers everything.  Think of it almost as a co-op where we all contribute a fraction of the original costs yet still reap 100% of the benefits.  Pretty cool huh?

For the internet savvy, the WealthBridge Marketing System is a complete turn-key DIY system.  All of the training is provided in the back office in case you ever get stuck and we’re always available to provide support if necessary.  For those of you that don’t have the time to learn all this, we offer complete concierge service and provide you with weekly, monthly or quarterly reports that let you know exactly how your WealthBridge Marketing system is performing.

Your sales manager can easily correlate these reports against your monthly sales figures to determine the overall impact this system is having on your companies bottom line.

One thing that really sets WealthBridge Marketing apart as a global leader in WordPress is that when your site is setup, you immediately have access to a system far superior to the default WordPress installation.  The planning, setup and resources that have gone into creating this system make it far more than just WordPress.

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