Okland Construction

We started our project with another developer who realized he was in over his head with the website that we had designed. In order to keep on budget and reach our deadline we had to find another company and quick. We contacted WealthBridge Marketing and received a quote that was under budget. But what was really remarkable was that the new deadline was 2 months earlier than what the previous developer had quoted us.

Not only was WealthBridge Marketing able to complete the project 2 months earlier. They went above and beyond with recommendations that we never thought of for our website saving us time and money. This may sound like every other testimonial but I really was impressed with WealthBridge Marketing and their ability to find solutions. If they didn’t know how to do something they would figure it out so that it work the way that we designed it to work. I look forward to working with WealthBridge Marketing again.

Case Study: http://wealthbridgemarketing.com/casestudy/okland-construction/
Ryan Hyde
Marketing Coordinator